Pressure Equipment

On May 26, 1997 the Pressure Equipment Directive(97/23/EC) was adopted by the European Parliament and the European Council. On November 29, 1999 the PED directive has initially come into force. From May 29, 2002 on the PED directive is obligatory throughout the European Union.

Annex I (Essential Safety Requirements) chapter 3.1.3. (Non-destructive tests) of the PED directive states:
“For pressure equipment, non-destructive tests of permanent joints must be carried out by suitable qualified personnel. For pressure be approved by a third-party organization recognized by a Member State pursuant to Article 13.”

The Notified Bodies Forum for Pressure Equipment (NBF-PED) has drafted several Guidelines related to chapter 3.1.3. and other topics of the directive (see PED website of the European Commission)

EFNDT documents

To ascertain common practice for approving NDT personnel a questionnaire was circulated by EFNDT. For the result see NDT RTPO Survey results.

Furthermore EFNDT has drafted a “Code of Practice for the Approval of NDT Personnel by recognised Third Party Organisations”  (Silent TRG 0034).

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