ECNDT 2026

The European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT) is considered the major international event for EFNDT and its member societies.

The conference includes a technical and scientific programme which presents the latest developments in the field of research and development as well as the application of NDT in all major industrial areas. The exhibition organised in conjunction with the conference emphasises the close link between research and development, and the equipment and instruments used by industry.

The conference and the exhibition are combined to give the best promotion of NDT and at the same time offer unique opportunities to establish contacts and exchange experience and ideas between participants and visitors. ECNDT is organised by a national NDT society which is full member of EFNDT.

The next European Conference, the 14th in the series, organised by AIPnD, the Italian Society for Non Destructive Testing Monitoring Diagnostics , is to be held in Verona, Italy, in 2026.


Previous European Conferences

Year Venue Host
2023 Lisbon RELACRE (Portugal)
2018 Gothenburg FOP (Sweden), NSNDT (Norway)
and Danish Societies
2014 Prague CNDT (Czech Society)
2010 Moscow RSNTTD (Russian Society)
2006 Berlin DGZfP (German Society)
2002 Barcelona AEND (Spanish Society)
1998 Copenhagen Danish Society
1994 Nice COFREND (French Society)