Guidance on eligibility for the EFNDT Award

An award is created by EFNDT in order to reward persons acting for the benefit of the European NDT community.

This award can be attributed for conspicuous actions in the field of:

  • promoting and expending EFNDT, especially by activities in one of its working groups, or
  • standardisation of NDT, or
  • certification of NDT personnel.

The proposal for the Award can be done by any member of EFNDT. The documented proposals shall be sent to the secretariat at latest three months before the General Assembly preceding the ECNDT.

The proposals are distributed to the General Assembly preceding the ECNDT for discussion and decision which is taken at the majority of present members.

The EFNDT Award is assigned for three nominated persons every four years.

The Award consists of a solemn document and a medal. It is normally delivered to the nominated persons during a ceremony of the European Conference on NDT or the General Assembly or another suitable European event.

EFNDT Doc. No.: EFNDT/BOD/99-18

EFNDT Awards
  1996   6th ECNDT  Nice   Dr J Mike Farley
Dr Herman Wüstenberg
  1998  7th ECNDT  Copenhagen  Professor R Marklein
L Vesth
P Hansen
S Neerguard
  2002  8th ECNDT  Barcelona  Professor Dierk Schnitger
Professor Jan Obraz
  2006  9th ECNDT  Berlin  Dr Giuseppe Nardoni
Mr Roger Roche
Mr John R Thompson
  2014  11th ECNDT  Prague  Gerhard Aufricht
Alexander Mullin
Emilio Romero
  2023  13th ECNDT  Lisbon  Bento Alves
Etienne Martin
Fermin Gomez