Working Group 4

Accreditation of Laboratories and Inspection Bodies

Chaired by  Bento Alves (FSEND RELACRE Portugal)


Collection, harmonisation and representation of the interests of accredited service companies


  • To complete technical requirements for accreditation in co-operation with EA-C5/WG6 ( European co-operation for Accreditation)
  • To facilitate the increase of acceptance of accreditation in industries and authorities concerned
  • To settle co-operation with other affected organisations as CEOC (European Confederation of Organisations for Testing, Inspection, Certification and Prevention), EUROLAB (European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories) or JRC (Joint Research Centres of the European Commission)
  • To prepare proposals for new NDT standardisation need for CEN
  • To prepare advisory comments to the NDT program of CEN
  • To observe European activities on the pressure equipment directive
  • To regard certification to ISO 9000 series of standards