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“A Europe-wide partnership to promote NDT and related fields for the benefit of industry, the professions, users and the wider community”

The overall mission of EFNDT is to bring together the resources of the national societies and organisations involved in NDT and related topics in Europe to create a more effective and more valuable voice for industry, the professions, users and the wider community..

EFNDT was founded in May 1998 in Copenhagen at the 7th European Conference for Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT). 27 national NDT societies agreed to set up a powerful organisation on European level. Full membership is open to national NDT societies, one per country. Associate membership is open to all applicable organisations worldwide.

EFNDT is a non-profit association registered in Brussels.

Matthias Purschke
President EFNDT

Péter Trampus
Vice-President EFNDT

Jutta Koehn
General Secretary EFNDT
Update of EFNDT MRA Schedule 2

For some reasons an update of EFNDT MRA Schedule 2 (state of certifying bodies listed under the MRA) is behind time. However, the updating process for EFNDT MRA Schedule 2 is still ongoing, an intermediate state has been published in the document store. The EFNDT Certification Executive Committee (ECEC) will make final decisions about the MRA registration period at their next meeting in Prague, October 2014.

ECEC chairman
Patrick Fallouey

EFNDT President
Matthias Purschke

Created on 18 July 2014

Visions, Challenges and Mission

After three successful years the former President Prof. Vjera Krstelj (Croatia), the Vice-President Gerhard Aufricht (Austria) and the Secretary Niksa Krnic (Croatia) reached their end of term in March 2012. The focus during the last three years was clearly put on the improvement of European visibility of the EFNDT. The European-wide partnerships and the signing of memoranda of understanding with EUROLAB, CEOC and EAN have been big steps forward for the visibility of EFNDT today and also in future. We want to say a big “Thank You” to these three retiring officers for their efforts and achievements.

During the “Berlin EFNDT Week” in March 2012 BoD members and the leading team of President, Vice-President and Secretary were newly elected. Jutta Koehn, Peter Trampus and Matthias Purschke, want to say thank you for your trust and your confidence to go ahead with the strengthening of position of NDT in general and of the EFNDT in particular. Many thanks also to David Gilbert from BINDT for his recent and further support of all kind of EFNDT activities. 

Beyond maintaining and strengthening the EFNDT position achieved, the next years will definitively be characterized by significant changes in training, qualification and certification of NDT personnel, the get together of the national European NDT societies in a still growing Europe and European Community and the successful organization of the upcoming ECNDT 2014 in Prague by our Czech colleagues. 

With the introduction of EN ISO 9712 we now have for the first time a worldwide standard for Qualification and Certification of NDT personnel. Herewith we gain a common basis for NDT personnel competence all over the world. The ICNDT will use this chance to set up a worldwide mutual recognition agreement on the basis of what we already had in Europe for more than 20 years. The EFNDT, as one of the four regional groups of the ICNDT, will support those activities with all its strength. International unity in national diversity is also beneficial for the European industry. 

The national societies in Europe are very different and this means we can and have to learn a lot of things from each other. The regular exchange of information and experience between our societies must be a strong common focus of our activities. Some things are already on the way. EFNDT’s Working Group 1 has already initiated joint workshops between the societies of the former GUS nations and the British Institute (BINDT) and the German Society (DGZfP). This is a first step in the right direction. More of those workshops are highly desirable. More is conceivable and each idea and proposal for further activities is highly welcome. 

Every four years the European NDT community meets at the European Conference for NDT (ECNDT). The next event will take place in Prague in 2014. ECNDT 2014 again offers a superb opportunity for the national societies to meet, to discuss common issues and to look forward, in the heart of Europe, in Prague. Please arrange your schedule for this major European NDT event. 

Matthias Purschke, President, EFNDT
Péter Trampus, Vice-President, EFNDT
Jutta Koehn, General Secretary, EFNDT

Created on 07 February 2013

EFNDT Values and Principles:
  1. Members adopt a Code of Ethics as a common basis
  2. Members are dedicated to public safety in a technological world.
  3. Members maintain a high level of quality with respect to their activities.
  4. Members promote the value of NDT and related topics, in particular the certification of NDT personnel, in society and in industry.
  5. Members shall promote, as a valuable instrument, the assurance of competence through accreditation, training and certification.
  6. Members consider that knowledge about NDT and related topics will be strengthened, harmonised and disseminated by means of conferences, symposia, publications and other media.
  7. Members shall, where appropriate, support research and development.
  8. Members shall, where appropriate, be actively involved in standardisation.
  9. Members will strive to make certification processes equivalent throughout Europe.
  10. The Federation represents European interests in the relevant fields at the international level.
Created on 07 February 2013