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“A Europe-wide partnership to promote NDT and related fields for the benefit of industry, the professions, users and the wider community”

The overall mission of EFNDT is to bring together the resources of the national societies and organisations involved in NDT and related topics in Europe to create a more effective and more valuable voice for industry, the professions, users and the wider community..

EFNDT was founded in May 1998 in Copenhagen at the 7th European Conference for Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT). 27 national NDT societies agreed to set up a powerful organisation on European level. Full membership is open to national NDT societies, one per country. Associate membership is open to all applicable organisations worldwide.

EFNDT is a non-profit association registered in Brussels.

Matthias Purschke
President EFNDT

Péter Trampus
Vice-President EFNDT

Jutta Koehn
General Secretary EFNDT
An updated document about Schedule 2 of the EFNDT MRA is now available in the document store.
P.Fallouey, Chairman ECEC
M.Purschke, EFNDT President
Created on 27 February 2015

ECNDT 2014

In 2014 the 11th European Conference for Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT) was very successfully organized by our colleagues of the Czech Society for Non-Destructive Testing (CNDT). We are pleased to inform you that a Multimedia Review of the ECNDT 2014 and the proceedings have been published in the NDT.net December issue.

Watch the ECNDT Movies on NDT.net or Youtube

Matthias Purschke, President, EFNDT
Péter Trampus, Vice-President, EFNDT
Jutta Koehn, General Secretary, EFNDT

Created on 07 January 2015

Update of EFNDT MRA Schedule 2

For some reasons an update of EFNDT MRA Schedule 2 (state of certifying bodies listed under the MRA) is behind time. However, the updating process for EFNDT MRA Schedule 2 is still ongoing, an intermediate state has been published in the document store. The EFNDT Certification Executive Committee (ECEC) will make final decisions about the MRA registration period at their next meeting in Prague, October 2014.

ECEC chairman
Patrick Fallouey

EFNDT President
Matthias Purschke

Created on 18 July 2014

EFNDT Values and Principles:
  1. Members adopt a Code of Ethics as a common basis
  2. Members are dedicated to public safety in a technological world.
  3. Members maintain a high level of quality with respect to their activities.
  4. Members promote the value of NDT and related topics, in particular the certification of NDT personnel, in society and in industry.
  5. Members shall promote, as a valuable instrument, the assurance of competence through accreditation, training and certification.
  6. Members consider that knowledge about NDT and related topics will be strengthened, harmonised and disseminated by means of conferences, symposia, publications and other media.
  7. Members shall, where appropriate, support research and development.
  8. Members shall, where appropriate, be actively involved in standardisation.
  9. Members will strive to make certification processes equivalent throughout Europe.
  10. The Federation represents European interests in the relevant fields at the international level.
Created on 07 February 2013