Working Group 10

EFNDT Working Group 10: NDE 4.0
Chair: Johannes Vrana

EFNDT WG10 on NDE 4.0

  • Preparation of NDE 4.0 EFNDT Strategic Plan
  • Selection of the EFNDT Conference NDE 4.0 special session organiser
  • (Selection of Organiser of EFNDT NDE 4.0 Conferences)
  • Assisting new or fledgling NDE 4.0 Committees in the National Societies in EFNDT
  • Providing guidance on NDE 4.0 EFNDT matters to ICNDT
  • Provide NDE 4.0 EFNDT focus and link to Regional organisations interested in NDT
  • Organisation of NDE 4.0 EFNDT input to specialist international working groups, forums and user groups
  • NDE 4.0 EFNDT groups and forums where appropriate NDE 4.0
  • EFNDT websites and social media
  • Production of NDE 4.0 EFNDT publications, recommendations, documents and reports, including NDE 4.0 EFNDT Guides


2021-01-15 Click here for minutes (PDF).
Founding of the EFNDT WG10 for NDE 4.0
Johannes Vrana
Vrana GmbH

2021-03-19  Click here for minutes (PDF).
DGZfP: Technical Committee NDE4.0 – Profile and Fields of Activities
Prof. Dr. Bernd Valeske, Vice Director Fraunhofer IZFP, DGZfP Technical Committee NDE4.0

RIMA: Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance – Status and Progress
Peter Trampus
Past President, EFNDT