Certification Executive Committee (CEC)


  • Execute the policy of the EFNDT in the field of certification
  • Approve certification bodies against the criteria set out in document EFNDT/P/05-001
  • Draft (or cause to be drafted) and approve (on behalf of the EFNDT) for publication and implementation, documentation in support of the work of the CEC
  • Review and update existing documentation in the light of changes and developments in applicable European standards
  • Monitor the costs of the administration and recommend to EFNDT the levels of charges and fees necessary to maintain effective management of the operations of the CEC
  • Negotiate mutual recognition and acceptance of certification issued by approved certification bodies
  • At all times preserve the confidentiality of information to which they may gain access in the course of their duties
  • With the approval of EFNDT BoD, organize Conferences, Seminars or Workshops on accreditation, qualification and certification

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